Our Evolution – e-Holdings


Our Evolution

eHoldings Inc. is a privately held Canadian entity established by founder Mike Cautillo in 2015.

It was created for the sole purpose of managing proprietary capital through investing in various financial markets its founder has navigated since 2004.

Since inception, eHoldings Inc. has taken a keen interest in the Bitcoin network, asset & infrastructure. We soon after commenced acquiring BTC to position it on our balance sheet, which we still hold today.

Since 2016, eHoldings Inc. has consulted with accredited investors on various market ideas, the merits of Bitcoin & how to best position them to exposure.

In 2022, we created a bespoke Bitcoin AIF domiciled in Luxembourg, exclusively created for the unique requirements of the discerning accredited investor.   

You can follow Mike Cautillo here. https://twitter.com/MikeCautillo/