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The means of traditional wealth creation have reached an inflection point.

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It used to be that your options were limited unless you had a certain amount of wealth or connections when seeking lucrative investment opportunities. Today much of that has changed. As the internet progressed, what was once too big and too inefficient for individuals to acquire, quickly became readily available in abundance. Whether it be Amazon filling and shipping a single book order to your home or sending $500 to your friend across the globe at cost of .50 cents via Bitcoin on your smartphone-to describe this as an efficient and effective democratization of our economic landscape would be a gross understatement! Read More

My fundamental truth regarding trading financial markets…

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In regards to trading, I believe financial markets are not random (long term) and though being unable to predict their direction at any one given time, they do possess various behaviours that are more probable than others.

Statistics validate our ability to exploit an advantage/edge through the probability of certain TECHNICAL patterns and price action characteristics repeating themselves over the long term which allows a trader to extrapolate a positive expectancy system within the financial markets. Read More